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Ladybird books display 1950s

Ladybird books are lovely things. They pull gently at childhood memories if you are old enough to remember reading them. For younger sorts, there is any amount of dubious Ladybird product out there now, exploiting the imagery with none of the quality and intent of the original books.

I actually have a very few Ladybird books on my shelves. Shopping with Mother and one or two others. It would be very easy to get swept in to collecting the lot. They look great lined up together and the illustrations would keep me quiet for days. But plenty of other people are archiving Ladybird books, researching the titles, authors and artists in retentive detail.

One site has some great images of Ladybird books being made and sold, where I found this gem. This contextual material is much more interesting to me than exhaustive histories of versions and series’. A bit of book. A bit of window display. What could be nicer?

This window is crammed with Ladybird books and carries the words: The Craven Herald Ltd. The Herald, it seems, is a paper that has been the ‘Voice of the Dales since 1853’. I wonder if this window was in Craven and what the occasion was for the photo? It dates from the 1950s.

Had I been there at the time a bit of nose pressing against the window would surely have been happening.


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